Consumer and Foreclosure

Consumer and Foreclosure

Client Story

Bill (not his real name) has a disability, and his primary income is from social security disability benefits. He was facing a creditor who was going to take his disability payment money from his bank account. Bill called MLSA and asked if there was anything he could do. MLSA attorney Ed Higgins advised him on how to file a claim of exemption on disability payment money, and guided him toward court forms for self-represented litigants available on When Bill went to the courthouse to file his notice of claimed exemption, he ran into another attorney who chatted with him and reviewed what he was about to file, telling him that the paperwork looked like it would work for Bill in court. Bill was thankful for the legal advice MLSA provided and felt confident going into the hearing.

Our Work

MLSA’s advocates provide free legal aid to Montanans across the state on issues such as debt collection, collection harassment, and more. In addition, MLSA's consumer practice includes the Foreclosure Assistance Program (FAP).

FAP works cooperatively with the Montana Attorney General, nonprofit housing counseling and foreclosure mitigation partners, as well as private law firms. FAP assists homeowners experiencing abusive mortgage loan servicing practices and wrongful conduct by loan servicers.

FAP provides legal help with:

distressed homeowner

  • Illegal foreclosures or foreclosure practices
  • Abusive mortgage loan servicing practices and wrongful conduct by loan servicers.

From June of 2012 when FAP began handling cases to April 30, 2014, FAP has handled 256 cases, helping 560 people. From June 1, 2013 – April 30, 2014 FAP has helped save 42 homes.

A FAP Fact Sheet is available here.

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