Accessing Justice on Tribal Land

Accessing Justice on Tribal Land

For people living on tribal land throughout the US, figuring out in which court a legal case will be heard can be confusing. A dizzying array of treaties, federal laws and case law determine where a case will be heard and even, in criminal cases, what charges will be filed. In many cases, such as …
MLSA Receives Disaster Preparedness Grant

MLSA Receives Disaster Preparedness Grant

On June 6, the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) announced that the Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA) will receive $250,000 in grant funding to help low-income communities in Montana prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural disasters. Four other civil legal aid organizations in the Midwest - Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Arkansas - will also …

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MLSA provides legal information, legal advice, and other civil legal services free of charge to low-income Montanans. Whether it is access to housing, food, income, safety, education or healthcare, MLSA works to ensure that every person, regardless of income, has equal access to legal representation and justice.

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