Callie's Story

When Callie first realized she needed legal help, she was desperate. Even though she was only 32, she had been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and was struggling to cope with the treatments.  At the same time, her home life was deteriorating as her husband became increasingly abusive and violent. Callie couldn’t risk losing …

MLSA's Tracie Poindexter on Building an Better Online Intake System

  MLSA's Program Administrator Tracie Poindexter was recently recognized by the Legal Services Corporation for her efforts to build a better online intake system for MLSA! As technology has evolved to become a part of our everyday lives, MLSA has worked to develop an intake system that takes advantage of different technologies in order to …

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MLSA provides legal information, legal advice, and other civil legal services free of charge to low-income Montanans. Whether it is access to housing, food, income, safety, education or healthcare, MLSA works to ensure that every person, regardless of income, has equal access to legal representation and justice.

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is to protect and enhance the civil legal rights of, and promote systemic change for, Montanans living in poverty.