Landlord/Tenant Repairs

The law says your landlord must make repairs that affect the health and safety of your rental. Learn what you can do to get your landlord to make repairs.

Security Deposits

Learn what you can do to protect your security deposit when moving in or out of a rental.


A landlord who wants to evict you can only evict you with a court order signed by a judge. Learn about the court process and your rights during an eviction.

Orders of Protection: Evidence

Orders of Protection are designed to stop violent or harassing behavior. Learn about what you can use as evidence in a court hearing for an Order of Protection.


Learn about the law and court process in Montana for emancipation of a minor.

Getting Married

Learn how you can get married in Montana, and what you must do to be considered common law married.

Parenting Plans

Learn what a Parenting Plan is, how to ask the court for one, and how the court will decide parenting time and responsibilities.