MLSA’s Eviction Work in the News

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, thousands of Montanans have found themselves struggling to pay their rent and facing the possibility of eviction. MLSA has worked hard to help people access the services they need to avoid eviction – including legal information on how to access rental assistance and eviction moratoriums, and legal assistance in the …

New MLSA Eviction Program Seeing Success

In response to the devastating rise in evictions during the pandemic, MLSA and the Montana Department of Commerce came together this past fall to develop a new program: the Montana Eviction Intervention Project (MEIP). First launched in October, MEIP provides tenants facing court-ordered eviction with free legal representation, with the goal of helping tenants secure …

Landlord/Tenant Repairs

The law says your landlord must make repairs that affect the health and safety of your rental. Learn what you can do to get your landlord to make repairs.

Security Deposits

Learn what you can do to protect your security deposit when moving in or out of a rental.


A landlord who wants to evict you can only evict you with a court order signed by a judge. Learn about the court process and your rights during an eviction.