Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision

The Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA) is a law firm that empowers low-income people by providing legal information, advice, and other services free of charge.  Our mission is to protect and enhance the civil legal rights of, and promote systemic change for, Montanans living in poverty.   MLSA accomplishes its mission by engaging with the low income community in Montana to become their advocates to change the systems that keep people in poverty.

Access to Justice

MLSA assists individual low-income clients with critical legal advice and representation. We have helped clients:

  • Escape domestic violence
  • Keep their housing
  • Preserve their public benefits
  • Protect their finances
  • And much more

MLSA also utilizes a systemic approach to help more than just one client access justice by:

  • Selecting cases with issues which adversely impact many people
  • Offering programs that provide outreach to entire groups of low-income people
  • Fostering collaborations with other non-profits and government agencies to exponentially expand our reach.

MLSA has several defining characteristics:

  • Client-centered
  • Flexible and Innovative
  • Results Oriented
  • Accountable
  • Community Minded
  • Professional

MLSA’s legacy is its empowerment of low-income people. MLSA advocates serve as a voice for low-income people in litigation and broad-based advocacy approaches. MLSA provides resources for low-income people to access the courts and otherwise assert their legal rights. We coordinate with community partners to address issues that low-income people face. In short, MLSA is a law firm, but also much more.

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