Record Number of Domestic Violence Deaths in Montana

Before you read this article, please know: An abuser can track your computer and Internet use. Learn more about using a safer computer and keeping your computer sessions private.


Domestic violence, relationship abuse, stalking, sexual assault . . . All are more common than we like to admit. In fact, 16 Montanans have been killed by their significant others this year, a new record (video).

Sometimes we suspect someone we know is a victim but we don't know what to do. Often it seems easier to look the other way, change the subject, think about something else. Sometimes we try to deny the fact that we, ourselves, suffer domestic violence.

But the violence will not go away on its own. We must identify it, call it what it is, stand up to it, help those who suffer, help ourselves. We'll do it today, the start of Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October). We can do it most readily–and safely–through education, understanding, and using tools and resources that have been developed for that purpose.

Fortunately there are many resources to help.

If you are in danger right now, call 911.