Pro Bono Celebration This Week

Do you know that this week is a National Pro Bono Celebration?Celebrate Pro Bono 2012 image badge largeAt Montana Legal Services Association, we like to celebrate Pro Bono Attorneys all year long. Do you know that in 2012 so far, MLSA has placed 289 cases with Pro Bono Attorneys? That’s a lot of pro bono happening, which means a lot of justice for people who otherwise would not get it.MLSA is showing its appreciation for Pro Bono Attorneys this month through a number of activities, such as writing thank you notes and participating in events that promote pro bono.  We deeply appreciate Pro Bono Attorneys and we know their clients do, too.Pro Bono Attorneys also feel fortunate to do pro bono. Take a listen to attorney Ole Olsen talk about one of his pro bono cases that meant a lot to him.