Housing Law

Housing Law

Client Story

Ernest (not his real name) is a disabled Veteran in his seventies who lives in subsidized low-income housing, with only social security as income. In early winter, Ernest received a letter that his rent would double in one month due to the fact he had a two-bedroom apartment. The doubled rent would take up most of Ernest’s income, leaving very little for his other basic necessities. Afraid of being evicted if he couldn't make the increased payment, Ernest contacted MLSA to ask for help. MLSA attorney Beth Hayes requested a reasonable accommodation for Ernest at the housing authority, explaining that Ernest's doctor had recommended an exercise machine for him that he kept in the second bedroom. With MLSA's help, Ernest was approved to continue living in the two-bedroom apartment at a rent he can afford. Ernest wrote a thank you note to MLSA, stating that now he does not have to worry about being homeless and that MLSA’s service was “terrific.”

Our Work

MLSA’s advocates provide free legal aid to Montanans across the state on issues such as:

Family on porch

  • Evictions
  • Repairs
  • Security Deposits
  • Public Housing and Subsidized Housing (Section 8)
  • Mobile Home Lot Rentals
  • Foreclosures of Rentals/Tenants Rights

In 2012 MLSA housing advocates closed 750 cases. Advocates are available to provide training and education on common housing issues to community partners, such as the YWCA, mental health care providers, veterans groups, etc.  We are available to work with private attorneys who are representing housing clients pro bono.  We also provide free landlord-tenant CLEs to pro bono attorneys and local bar associations.

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