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Montana Online Child Support Calculator

Do You Need to Calculate Child Support for Your Parenting Plan or Dissolution? Are you representing yourself in a court case involving a marital dissolution or parenting plan? Do you need to calculate child support for your case? Use the

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Build Your Own Legal Case

    The Missoula Independent explores the challenges of pro se litigants in Montana.

Legal Services for Homeless Montanans

MLSA attorneys and AmeriCorps members recently attended the Billings Community Connect and Missoula Homeless Connect events, providing legal information to approximately 300 people who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness. MLSA addressed attendees’ legal needs by providing legal topic brochures,

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MLSA en Español

MLSA has recently constructed a new webpage dedicated to resources in Spanish. This makes connecting with Spanish speakers much easier. The webpage has a simple, obvious name: ‘En Español’. A link to the page is provided on the MLSA homepage,

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Don’t Get Scammed-Many Montana Legal Forms are FREE

Do you need a legal form for a Montana case? Don't get scammed–many forms are offered for free. Every year at MLSA we hear of unfortunate people who end up paying for forms that can be found for free. If

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Montana Legal Services Association Leaders Chosen for Appointment and Award

MLSA is pleased to announce significant accomplishments by two of our leaders: Alison Paul, MLSA Executive Director, shown above, was appointed by the Montana Supreme Court to the newly formed Access to Justice Commission.The purpose of the Access to Justice

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Federal District Court Order Protects Montana’s Pro Se Litigants

By Judy Meadows, Montana State Law Librarian and Co-Chair, Montana Commission on Self-Represented LitigantsThe Montana Supreme Court’s Commission on Self-Represented Litigants (the Commission) and Montana Legal Services Association have spent years developing, reviewing, editing and approving legal forms that are

Increasing Access to Justice Takes a Village and an Arsenal

By Judy Meadows, Montana State Law Librarian and Co-Chair, Montana Commission on Self-Represented LitigantsThe Montana Commission on Self-Represented Litigants, created in 2000 by order of the Montana Supreme Court, has worked to create and approve easy to use forms for

Limited Scope Representation: Increasing Access for Pro Se Litigants

By Klaus Sitte, MLSA Litigation DirectorWho would have thought that the American Bar Association would participate in and encourage programs designed to help pro se litigants? After all, the ABA is a membership organization composed of lawyers, not pro se

MLSA’s Self-Help Law Unit: Empowering Clients to Advocate for Themselves

By Jillian Haynal, Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps Legal Fellow, MLSA Self-Help Law UnitThe story is familiar. I hear it at least a few times every day. The client is crying. There is hurt, disappointment and panic in her voice. Her