Elder Risk Detector Tool

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This Risk Detector helps service providers or senior care givers check with homebound elderly or others who might need help flagging legal problems. The tool issue spots in the areas of consumer debt, housing, financial exploitation, health care, and abuse & neglect.

The Risk Detector supports staff members while they're meeting with a senior citizen (the client) and trying to learn of potential legal issues and other problems that the client may be facing. At the end of the session, this system produces a Risk Assessment Report that estimates the risk the client faces, and provides tailored guidance on ways to assist the client based on the client's particular situation.

This system does not provide legal advice and its use does not form an attorney-client relationship between any parties. The tool can be used by service providers, who can then (with express client permission) share the generated report with MLSA or other attorneys in order to provide better legal assistance to their clients..

Confidentiality:  MLSA does not receive the client information entered into the tool.  We will only receive a notification that a report was completed, and the name of the service provider who ran the report.

Want to test it out? You can try out the tool on a fictional client to see how it works.  Only you will receive a copy of the Assessment Report when you are done.  

QUESTIONS?  If you have questions or would like a brief tutorial over the phone, contact Melissa Fisher, MLSA Project Coordinator, at 406-543-8343 x 221 or vlan@mtlsa.

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