Message from the Executive Director

Alison Paul

The staff and Board of Trustees of the Montana Legal Services Association welcome you to MLSA's new and redesigned website. For 45 years, MLSA has provided civil legal assistance to Montanans living in poverty. Each year more than 4,500 people receive help from MLSA’s dedicated staff.  MLSA has consistently provided high-quality civil legal information, advice and representation to low income Montanans.

For the many issues facing those living in poverty, MLSA has been there, day after day, year after year, doing what needs to be done.  Among other things, MLSA helps people break free from domestic violence, stay in their homes, and obtain relief from deceptive consumer-related practices.

This MLSA website and are two other ways that MLSA is reaching out to and helping the public.  In particular, is a rich source of information and resources to help those who need quick access to a variety of legal topics. This website contains an overview of what we do, and we hope it can answer some basic questions you may have about MLSA. 

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about MLSA, and for your support of our work to improve the lives of Montanans living in poverty.


Alison L. Paul

Executive Director