Legal Aid Fellowship Proposals

Fellowship Opportunities: MLSA invites interested students or others to submit ideas to MLSA about potential fellowship opportunities. MLSA will evaluate whether or not we have the capacity to sponsor a Fellow, and assess whether the proposal fits within MLSA’s core legal services delivery system.

Application Process: MLSA looks for applicants with demonstrated commitment to providing high quality legal services for low-income families and individuals. Funding for fellowship positions is highly competitive, and time intensive. If you have questions regarding MLSA’s core services or specific fellowship programs, please email Michelle Potts at before you apply.

How to Apply to MLSA: If you would like to explore a fellowship opportunity at MLSA, please email Michelle Potts at with your resume, cover letter, fellowship proposal outline (one for each idea if more than one), law school transcript, list of references, and writing sample. These documents should be in 1 single PDF file. The proposal outline should include what national or local fellowship program(s) you have identified for funding the fellowship. We will acknowledge the receipt of your application.

Selection of Fellowship Candidate: MLSA will interview selected potential fellows, just as it would for regular staff attorney positions. MLSA seeks candidates who have a demonstrated commitment to legal aid as a career, experience working in the legal aid community or with people living in poverty, familiarity with the issues or client needs presented by the project, and applicable leadership and legal skills for the fellowship project. MLSA will also evaluate whether MLSA has the necessary supervisory and support capacity to sponsor the proposed fellowship.

How to Apply to a National or Local Fellowship Programs to Sponsor a Fellowship: After MLSA has approved a potential fellow; the potential fellow will develop the fellowship proposal in coordination with a staff attorney or project staff within MLSA. The potential fellow will work closely with MLSA in developing the application drafts in an interactive process that includes proofreading and critiquing of the overall application. The potential fellow will then apply with MLSA as host organization to a national or local fellowship program identified within the proposal.

The Montana Legal Services Association is an Equal Opportunity Employer – Women, People of Color, Gays and Lesbians, Transgender People, Veterans and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


Rev. 8/11/2016

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